CHASUBLES - Continued



WG7047 - Standard Gothic:  $370.00
                                   Ample:  $390.00

For design on back please inquire please add $100.00

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CHASUBLE- Each garment is individually handcrafted in the U.S.A. on wrinkle resistant, light weight, breathable fabrics. Each chasuble comes with a top quality self-lined and interlined understole. Available in all liturgical colors. Choose from a wide variety of our standard collar, orphrey and applique selections, or create your own custom garment. Garments are dry clean only unless otherwise specified. Standard chasubles measure 51" long x 58" wide. Ample Gothic cut chasubles are 51" long x 64" wide.

YOKE - Is a flat neckline with a ring that shows in the front approximately 3" wide and in the back, tapers down to a point to form a "V" within the back of shoulders. A small applique is usually placed in the "V" approximately 3/4" to 1" up from point of "V". Yokes are edged all around with either a gold or silver cord.

DOUBLE POINTED YOKE - Is a flat neckline with a "V" that forms both in the front to chest area and in the back in the shoulder area. An applique can be placed both front and back of the "V". Tapestry is usually depicted on this neckline style as it gives the garment added style. Double pointed yokes are edged all around with either gold or silver cord.

ORPHREYS - Are bands of fabric that measure 6" wide. They can be made of complementing or accenting fabrics and can be either plain or decorated with an applique. Chasubles or Dalmatics that feature orphreys with appliques, will show appliques only on the front. The back is typically unadorned. However, you can order an added orphrey on the back for a minimal charge. "Tapestry" orphreys come front and back.